By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Stronger than a cup of coffee and better than a barbell, a new morning workout revolution kicks off in Philadelphia on Wednesday January 31st.

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Daybreaker is a morning dance party meant to start your day with “energy and intention” and sounds like a great way to jump-start those lagging resolutions.

The event which already revs up cities around the world is making its mark on Philadelphia for the first time at Coda (1712 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA) this month. It starts with a mindful hour of yoga and transforms into a morning party with music from FVDM.

Over three hundred and fifty people have already signed up to be a part of the party meant to flip fitness on its head, kick-start your creativity, a create a community of those willing to rage before they get to their desk for the day.

“We’re in twenty-two cities around the world, we’re a community of four hundred thousand community members who wake up and dance before going to work” explains co-founder Radha Agrawal. “The whole idea was born out of an interest in bringing people together. We are more isolated than ever.”

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“Let’s turn the entire experience of nightlife on its head, let’s invite it back into the morning when our energy is full, our cup is full and most optimistic. Let’s replace the bouncer with a hugging committee. Let’s replace alcohol with green juice, coffee and tea, and healthy breakfast treats.”

Daybreaker | Credit: Juliana Bernstein – Get Tiny

Not only is yoga and a morning dance party a great workout for your mind and body, but it’s also “group fitness” in the truest since.

“We found that group fitness classes are meant to be groups, but again, it’s like ‘don’t touch my yoga mat, you’re too close to me’ right?” laughs Agrawal. “Daybreaker, the whole idea is to meet new friends.”

“There’s so many moments of connections. [People] found their roommates, their best friends, their lovers. We just had our first Daybreaker baby, a couple that met on the dance floor at Daybreaker.”

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If you would like to check out the first Daybreaker event in Philadelphia you can visit them at For much more on the event, listen to our full interview with co-founder Radha Agrawal above or click here.