By Brandon Longo

ATLANTIC COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) – A dog in South Jersey is making a miraculous recovery after it was found nearly frozen to death in a dumpster.

The discovery was made last weekend by a good Samaritan who rushed the dog to the Humane Society of Atlantic County.

“When we first examined the puppy it was difficult to tell if he was alive or not as he was frozen stiff with no heartbeat or respiration found,” the Humane Society posted on Facebook.

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Staff immediately placed a catheter in the puppy’s leg and starting warming him up.

“After thirty minutes of treatment, we started to see very slight eye reflex and eventually we could get a heartbeat. The puppy was a skeleton and as it started to defrost it became soaking wet,” the Humane Society said.

The pup, now named Rocky, eventually gained consciousness and was ready to eat.

The Humane Society of Atlantic County called the rescue attempt a miracle.

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“I would like to personally thank my dedicated staff, our veterinarians, our board members, and our volunteers for making this amazing recovery happen. This was a miracle that happened right before our eyes and I am very proud of everyone!”

Rocky is now living with his foster mom Christine. Officials say he has a long road to recovery but is doing great.