By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Congressman Pat Meehan’s affection for a younger, former aide, and his use of the term “soul mate” in describing that relationship, is coming back to bite him.

Center City lawyer Alice Ballard says that handwritten note from the congressman to the woman decades younger, and his subordinate in the office, is telling.

“When he says if he’s lucky, he might get to be her partner for more of her life,” Ballard said.

Ballard says the big question is what was her response, if she told him his advances weren’t welcome.

“Remember, this man favored her. She was his,” she said. “If you favor one employee, that takes her off the team for all of the other employees. And his judgment is pitiful.”

Meehan told us she was a “kindred spirit,” because they “shared so many remarkable experiences,” and he believes he was “invited to be able to talk like that.” But he claims he never pursued a romantic relationship. Ballard calls it “a case of unwelcome sexual conduct.”

“He says, ‘We didn’t have sex.’ So what? That’s not the standard,” Ballard said. “Did he yearn for it? Did he tell her he yearned for it? Did she say no? Did he keep it up?”

Ballard also slams Meehan for breaching their confidentiality agreement.

“As I understand it, he asked for the confidentiality, she agreed to it; she may have done so for her own personal reasons,” Ballard said. “For him to breach it, and come out in his own defense is unpardonable. Why throw this woman under the bus?”

Meehan paid his accuser with tax dollars when she left the job. He says it was part of a severance package for a long-time employee.