By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –  Philadelphia Eagles analyst and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell says the New England Patriots cheated in every Super Bowl win.

Rendell spoke with The Chris Stigall Show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT and said the Patriots probably cheated in all of the games, because they’re just inherent cheaters. 

“…there’s a chance it was the difference in the game. Make no bones about it, this is traditionally a great team, and Tom Brady is the best quarterback, I think, to ever play the game. So they’re talented, which is ironic because they don’t have to cheat. So, I can’t say that cheating definitely won them a Super Bowl, but they definitely are cheaters and they’ve been caught several times.”

The former Philadelphia mayor gives a slight edge to the 2005 Eagles team over the team of today.

“…because in the three key offensive positions we had stars. Donovan McNabb was a star, no matter what some Eagles fans think. He was a game-changing quarterback. We had the best receiver in pro football, Terrell Owens, who played on one leg and played an incredible game. He was unstoppable. And we had Brian Westbrook, who was a great running back. So in those three important field positions, we had stars, far better than we have today, with the exception of Carson Wentz, of course, who’s out. But I’m not sure if this Eagles team isn’t better on the line of scrimmage both on the offensive line and defensive line. And the reason I honestly think we’re going to win is because most of the game are decided by who wins the line of scrimmage. I’m picking Eagles to win 23-21. Close game. We’ll wear them down and win it in the end.”