By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There was a lot of trash talking between Eagles and Vikings fans during the NFC Championship, but now the former opponents are putting that behind them and teaming up for charity.

As Philadelphia erupted in celebration on Sunday, visiting Vikings fans mourned as the loss was made worse for some who reported becoming targets for disrespectful behavior.

However, from the loss comes a win for the Mike Zimmer Foundation, a charity that benefits Minnesota communities. The Vikings head coach started the foundation in memory of his wife, Vikki Zimmer.

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According to the foundation, as of Wednesday morning, more than $7,000 has been donated and a majority of those donations have been coming from Philadelphia residents with notes of apology for the treatment of Vikings fans in Philly.

“Philadelphia is a city filled with love and I’m glad that we are showing what we really meant,” said one resident.

Another resident said, “I think I am going to donate myself now that you brought it to my attention because I thought about it and I plan to now.”

This brotherly love is now coming full circle.

“It’s like the good just keeps growing and how awesome is that really?” said Jessica Leibrock, a Vikings fan raising money for the Eagles Foundation.

On Sunday evening, Leibrock and her husband started a GoFundMe titled Vikings Brotherly Love. So far, it has raised over $11,000 for the Eagles Foundation.

“It seemed like a really good opportunity to do something kind and sportsmanly to say, ‘Alright, you guys beat us but welcome to our state and good luck in the Super Bowl,’” said Leibrock.

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It’s a king gesture in letting the past be the past and earning some unlikely support in the process.

“I am officially saying it – I am going to be cheering for you guys on the 4th,” said Leibrock.

The Eagles face the Patriots in Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis on Feb. 4.

Alexandria Hoff