By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Facebook’s overhaul of its newsfeed continues as the social network lets users rank credibility and trustworthiness of news sources.

To address what Facebook calls a problem of “too much sensationalism and misinformation” CEO Mark Zuckerberg says they will allow the community to “determine which sources are broadly trusted.”

Temple University Associate Professor Sherri Hope Culver believes it’s a good step but a lot more needs to happen.

“The way media is consumed now is so fast, and so viral, and so piece meal, we are all trying to figure out, we as consumers, we as media professionals, what is the best way to tackle this,” said Culver.

As part of the company’s ongoing quality surveys, Facebook will now ask people whether they’re familiar with a news source and, if so, whether they trust that source. The idea is not to change the amount of news you see but instead to shift the balance toward sources given the broadest confidence.

Culver says Facebook alone can’t fix “fake news.”

“It’s going to need to come from my friends and colleagues that I have on my newsfeed it’s going to need to come from me, its going to need to come from the education institutions that are teaching young people as they are learning to consume their news,” said Culver.

Facebook says IT will not change the amount of news you see but it will shift the balance of news seen toward sources that are given the most credence.

“It could be an improvement, at least they’re taking some responsibility for the need to serve in that role, so I’m going to look for some positive incremental growth on Facebook’s part,” said Culver.