By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A mall once named the worst in New Jersey is now closed and mostly abandoned, while government officials ponder its future.

The Burlington Center Mall was at one time a retail engine for Burlington Township. Not anymore. Last week, the township ordered the mostly abandoned mall closed when frozen pipes burst, damaging the fire alarm system. The Sears store remains open, but Mayor Brian Carlin isn’t sure what’ll happen with the rest of the property.

“We don’t know a great deal about the future,” Carlin said. “Obviously, the mall is owned by a private entity.”

That private entity is Moonbeam Capital Investments, which didn’t return calls seeking comment. Carlin says other developers have proposed warehousing or residential uses for the site.

“We’ve kind of exhausted all of the current ideas,” the mayor said. “So at this point, it’s kind of waiting to see what the owner of the property wants to do.” last year ranked all 29 New Jersey malls. Burlington Center came in dead last.