By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As the Eagles prepare to take the field for Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the Vikings, Mayor Jim Kenney says those who help make football go at The Linc every weekend are sharing in the spoils of the Birds playoff run.

Mayor Kenney says the Eagles playoff drive, while certainly a boost for the psyche of the region, also has translated into a nice financial windfall for the people who help make the Eagles experience special each week.

“These are people who are working concession stands and suites and they’re ushers and security guards and people working the parking lot,” Kenney said. “They’re making extra money to pay their kids’ tuitions, to put down on a car, to fix the roof on their house. These are important dollars for people and the longer the season goes, the better it is for everybody.”

Kenney says restaurants and hotels are also going to be busy this weekend, and the city will realize a nice bump in tax revenue from a host of levies ranging from wage to parking taxes.