By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On any given day SEPTA trains are filled, each carrying as many as 1,000 passengers.

On Eagles game day this Sunday, SEPTA officials fully expect trains to be filled to capacity with excited fans.

“Whenever we have a major event in the city we react accordingly,” said SEPTA’s Police Chief Thomas Nestel.

SEPTA is reacting accordingly with a stronger security presence as the city braces for the NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field. More riders, means more safety measures seen and unseen.

“We have additional resources out there, we have more virtual patrols, we have more SEPTA employees acting as ambassadors — so eyes and ears,” Nestel said.

More eyes watching via hundreds of cameras.

“We increase the number of people to specifically watch cameras, and you can move around very quickly by camera, checking stations, and then targeting locations that need police response,” said Nestel.

While SEPTA monitors public transportation, Philadelphia police are monitoring areas like Mayfair known to see often rowdy crowds after major sporting events.

Philly Police Issue Business, Parking Restrictions Ahead Of NFC Championship Game


Police sent out this flyer to businesses near Cottman And Frankford urging them to protect their property.

police department memo SEPTA Will Be Ready For NFC Championship Game Crowds

Philadelphia Police Department memo ahead of the NFC Championship game. (credit: CBS3)