By Alicia Nieves

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There is no doubt how Eagles excitement has Philadelphia charged, but it has been interesting to see how the Eagles’ story has captured international attention.

“We came here specifically for the game,” said Steph Lyons of Australia, who flew from Down Under to be a part of the Eagles excitement at last Saturday’s playoff game. “We changed flights just so that we could see the game, and changed hotels and changed several things just to get to the game.”

From across the world, she and her partner heard of the Eagles and the season they were having.

“We were excited for everyone,” Lyons said. “The town was so excited. It was a great day.”

Rob Sliwa flew in from Germany to see the Eagles play in front of their home crowd.

He is such an Eagles fan that he watches the games 3 a.m. his time in Germany.

After tweeting about the Eagles last week, he actually won tickets from Lincoln Financial Group.

“At first I had a total meltdown,” Sliwa recalled. “I said, ‘Naw, I can’t take that!'”

Sliwa did not have a passport, a flight, or hotel accommodations arranged but he could not pass up an opportunity to see the Eagles.

So, somehow he found a way to get all that squared away in just three days.

“It was meant to be. You can’t say anything else,” Sliwa said.

He was at the playoff game and is now flying high with so many other fans in Philadelphia.

“You can feel it in the city,” Sliwa said. “Everyone has Eagles merchandise. I saw on the bus line they say, ‘Go Eagles!’ You see ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ everywhere. You can just feel it — the entire city is behind it. It’s like a great experience.”

This was also Sliwa’s first trip to the states.