PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  It was all Eagles chants and fans calling for the Super Bowl as roughly 68,000 people poured out of Lincoln Financial Field Saturday night.

“This is the best season we have had since I was in grade school,” said Bill Atwell of Northeast Philadelphia.

After four years of waiting, the Eagles made it to the playoffs and tailgating fans celebrated just before the big game.

“We gonna eat that falcon,” said one fan.

Although, Saturday’s game against Atlanta would be a nail-biter to the very end.

“This was the most intense game I ever been to in my life,”said Terry O’Brien of Glassboro. “It came down to the last seconds. I almost had a heart attack.”

And in the end, the Eagles would walk away the victors.

“It was awesome,” said Donna Albright of Levittown. “You are going to make me cry, for us to be here right now. It’s emotional”

“We are pumped,” added Matt Muskgill of New Jersey. “We are ready to go to the NFC championship.”

Next week’s NFC Championship game will be at Lincoln Financial Field against the winner of Sunday game between Minnesota Vikings or New Orleans Saints.

“They are dome teams and we are going to bring them outside,” said Tom Lacrois of Levitttown. “Play them in the cold and we are going to bring it, because that is what I am squawking about. E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!”