By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A South Korean alcoholic drink that’s popular in other parts of the world is starting to making itself known in the United States, including in Philadelphia.

Philadelphians are staring to get hooked on Soju.

“It’s a distilled rice liquor. It’s the number one selling liquor in the world right now,” said Peter Hwang, owner of Southgate Philly at 18th and Lombard Streets in the city’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood. “It sort of tastes like a cross beweeen sake and vodka.”

(credit: John McDevitt)

There are several Soju options on the menu.

“The grapefruit though is is my favorite,” Hwang admitted. “It almost reminds me of an alcoholic Sprite.”

It’s sold by the bottle or by the caraft and meant to be shared. The bottle is about half the size of a wine bottle and the alcohol content roughly the equivalent of drinking three glasses of wine.

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