By Brandon Longo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An overdosing man on the brink of death wasn’t happy when transit police in Philadelphia saved his life.

It happened Friday around 1:15 p.m. on the mezzanine level of the Somerset station.

“When they arrived officers observed a white male in 40s with pale blue skin, unresponsive, not breathing,” a SEPTA transit police spokesperson tells CBS Philly.

Officials say the man appeared to have overdosed and was in cardiac arrest.

That’s when responding SEPTA officers administered one dose of Narcan.

“There was no response, the man had no pulse,” the spokesperson said.

The officer worked feverishly to revive the man, administering another dose of Narcan.

Authorities say the life-saving efforts took three doses of Narcan before officers felt a pulse.

While in route to the hospital, authorities say the victim became coherent, but he wasn’t too happy.

“He said we were ruining his high,” the spokesperson said.

Authorities say police were called to assist with the situation at the hospital. The condition of the man is unknown at this time.

“He lived and was angry towards them for ruining his high. And those officers will do it again tonight if the need arises,” said Chief Thomas J. Nestel III, with SEPTA Transit Police.