By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some local high school business students are putting their critical thinking skills to work to solve real world issues in their communities.

Mary Rusky, instructional designer at Mercy Career and Technical High School, says students presented business proposals that help their communities through a school program called “Impact Philly.”

“They are using the design thinking problem-solving process in order to address needs in the community,” said Rusky.

One of the proposals called “Greenflow” was presented by senior Chase Kelsey to provide low-cost food baskets to local families:

“We want to be able to make integrating sustainable habits easy for people,” said Kelsey.

The presentations are not unlike “Shark Tank” in which the participants seek funding for their ideas:

“What’s it like to present in front of people who have never heard your idea before and to ask them for money?” asked Kuznits.

“It’s terrifying!” replied Kelsey.

But Kelsey says participating in this program has changed his whole mindset.

“The first year, I was thinking like, ‘Oh, we can never try that, that’ll never work!’ To by the end of the year saying, ‘Why can’t we do that?'” said Kelsey.