By Nicole Brewer

LEONIA, N.J. (CBS) — A small town in New Jersey is making waves by restricting and fining Waze and other navigation-app users who drive through the town as a shortcut.

Taking a back way to avoid a big mess may sound like a good idea. But, what if your street became the shortcut?

“I probably wouldn’t like it too much,” said Robert Cart of Collingswood, New Jersey.

“I’ve had that experience and it was extremely annoying,” added Denise Stuart of Haddonfield.

In Leonia, New Jersey, a small town in the shadow of the George Washington Bridge, that’s exactly what happened. And Mayor Judah Zeigler is not taking a back seat.

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“They have an app that says, ‘take a right then a left then a right then a left, to shave three minutes off your commute.’ Now, they’re all over every narrow side street in this municipality,” he said.

Zeigler put up signs to keep commuters out and come January 15, drivers will be fined $200 if they don’t comply.

The Mayor hopes the legislation will force apps to remove their side streets from the algorithm or alert drivers that cutting through could cut into their bottomline.

Google, which purchased real-time traffic app, Waze back in 2013, told Eyewitness News the challenge of spreading congestion across public roads has always been an issue.

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But they went on to say their passionate community of map editors ensure Waze maps are regularly updated to reflect both local law and changing road conditions.