GEORGIA (CBS) – A Georgia middle-schooler is getting the jump on his fellow inventors.

He’s got his name on a U.S. patent, and he’s selling his own product around the world.

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Nine-year-old Tripp Phillips’ invention is a non-permanent glue, intended to keep your Lego creations together. It dissolves easily in warm water.

He entered it in a school contest and brought home first prize. That’s when Tripp and his father decided to market the stuff.

“When we started, we we’re selling maybe two a day, but then it started getting up to 10 and our minds were blown,” said Tripp. “Now were just running out weekly.”

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Through Amazon, Etsy and other online sites, Tripp’s “Le Glue” is sold in over 100 countries.

“We had to sit around the table and start making them every night,” said Tripp’s dad.

The family sold about 7,000 units in 2017.

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