By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Valley Forge native is releasing a new kind of comedy album. It’s a collection of voice messages from a well-known stand-up comedian who also hails from our area.

Blake Wexler was a 16-year-old with stand-up ambitions when he saw veteran comic Todd Glass perform at Helium in Center City back in 2004. The two Conestoga High School alumni struck up a friendship that included phone messages from Glass that Wexler held onto.

“One day he came over the house and he had like, 50 messages that I left him. We put them in chronological order and it sort of tells the story without ever trying to tell the story of the chronicle of our friendship,” said Glass.

Now 28, Wexler admits he collects phone messages as part of his overall neurosis, but the gems he would get from Glass were on another level.

“After a certain period I think I had so much of them I was like, ‘oh wow I’m listening to this like it’s a comedy album. How about I make one,'” Wexler recalls.

It’s called “12 Years of Voicemails from Todd Glass to Blake Wexler.”

“Messages, to me, are the purest form of comedy because it’s literally just for Blake. I’m not over censoring myself, it’s just for Blake,” said Glass.

The release of the album coincides with a string of appearances by Glass at Helium in Center City.