By Brandon Longo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A dog in Oklahoma is trying everything to be with her former family.

A family recently had to give up their dog Cathleen because of a living arrangement with their new home.

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“Cathleen is precious and her original family loved her very much. But they moved into a home in town where they couldn’t keep her. So they gave her to someone in Prague a few months ago,” said the  Seminole Humane Society on Facebook.

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But that didn’t stop Cathleen.

The humane society says the pup traveled roughly 20 miles TWICE to be with her family in Seminole.

“Her heart wants to be with them but they cannot keep her,” says the organization.

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The Seminole Humane Society says Cathleen is a 6-year-old Great Pyrenees mix. She is humble, kind and passive, healthy, housebroken, loves to be around children and great with other dogs.

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