By Ian Bush

LAS VEGAS (CBS) — For all the wild and weird gadgets at the big CES tech show in Las Vegas, some of the gear is designed to promote good health in the young and old alike.

Magik: That’s the name of a toothbrush, developed by Kolibree, that makes a game out of dental hygiene.

“You have to brush, brush, brush away all the bad guys on the screen,” said CNET’s Bridget Carey.

untitled26 New Toothbrush Makes Game Out Of Brushing Kids Teeth

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Carey says the Magik brush connects to a phone or tablet app which uses augmented reality to put a kid’s teeth on the display.

“And you have to go through lands like the bathroom, a jungle, and space, naturally,” she said.

Better brushing wins coins and unlocks special filters.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Aladin smart lamp has a fall detection system to watch over older adults.

When the sensor notes trouble, manufacturer Domalys says the device automatically notifies family members and can call an ambulance. When it’s dark, no fumbling for switches: Aladin has motion detectors to trigger the light in a hallway or other room. It also can sense temperature changes that might need a loved one’s intervention.

And those looking for a better night’s sleep might want to try snuggling up next to a robot.

“The user spoons the robot at night as if it’s a partner or teddy bear.”

Somnex looks and feels like a small pillow. It “breathes” along with you, and the company’s Julian Jagtenberg tells The Mac Observer that helps you get your Zs.

“There’s a falling and rising, like a physical sensation of breathing,” Jagtenberg explained. “We found in our studies that feeling a breathing rhythm reduces stress and increases relaxation.”

New moms annoyed by breast milk pumps might appreciate the Freemie Liberty breast pump. Carey calls it “discreet, quiet, and mobile.”

“You can clip it on your belt, put it under your bra,” she said. “You can even take a nap while pumping.”

It has a programmable sleep timer. Reviewers say the $300 hands-free device isn’t much louder than a vibrating phone.

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