By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you find yourself unhappy at work, maybe it’s not what you’re doing, but where you live that makes the difference.

A new survey is out that shows which states have the happiest workers.

Hawaii takes the top spot followed by Alaska and Wyoming.

The surveyers asked about 150,000 people in 600 different career paths.

Credit: Sokanu

So where did Pennsylvania rank? 48th!

The only places with even fewer satisfied workers were Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

Researchers say it comes down to a lack of autonomy and variety often found in service-based, location dependent jobs, like telemarketers and machine feeders.

On the flipside, the happiest employees had more creative jobs that allowed more control over their work.

So, when selecting a career, maybe it’s less about the state you’re in and more about your state of mind.

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