PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The weather outside may still be frightful but Philadelphia Rock Gyms might be something delightful for those looking for a fun winter activity.

Lauren Caporizo, director of sales and marketing for Philadelphia Rock Gyms, is a skilled climber and she says rock climbing is not about defying heights but defying the odds people place against themselves.

“When you walk in here, there’s something everyone can do,” she explained. “A lot of people have this concept, especially women, that ‘I’m not strong enough;’ ‘It’s too extreme’ and it’s not. So, anyone can come out here and get to the top of something they never thought they could.”

And that means getting over your fear of falling, because when you climb, you will fall a few times. Learning how to fall correctly on a mat is something Caporizo teaches at the facility.

“We want to take that vertical motion and make it horizontal and fall back,” she explained.

Depending on a person’s comfort level, a climber could also fall into a frog position.

And then, after that, it becomes mind over matter, teaching yourself that these climbing sequences, or problems, can and will be figured out.

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