PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Pennsylvania is on schedule to have driver’s licenses and ID’s ready for REAL ID requirements when they become necessary for air travel.

There are “deadlines” and then there are… deadlines. PennDOT won’t be issuing REAL ID compliant licenses until spring of 2019, and right now, the deadline to have them for air travel is this October. But PennDOT spokeswoman Alexis Campbell says the feds have indicated October 2020 is when they will no longer grant deadline extensions.

“I think in that sense then, yes, the real deadline that we’re working towards is Oct. 1 2020,” said Campbell.

Campbell says in the beginning, there will only be ten license centers where you can get REAL ID licenses over the counter. Otherwise, they will be sent via mail.

In our region, a new license center will be established in the King Of Prussia area to dispense over-the-counter REAL ID licenses and IDs and Philadelphia’s Island Avenue center will be relocated and outfitted for that purpose.