By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — During Sunday’s “State of the Union” show on CNN, host Jake Tapper had a fiery interview with President Donald Trump’s Senior Adviser on Policy, Stephen Miller.  Tapper tells the Dom Giordano Program on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Miller became disruptive, before being asked to leave the studio.

“He (kept) trying to change the subject. There are people raising the issue, including this book [“Fire and Fury”], that the President and the White House cooperated with, raising the issue [of] President Trump’s fitness for the office. This is not a book I cooperated in. This is a book that the President and the White House cooperated in, and it raised the question of his (Trump’s) fitness for office. Stephen Miller literally said he wanted to talk about my fitness. Well, that’s silly.”

Miller disputed the claim Monday that CNN was forced to escort him off the property by security. Tapper say’s Miller’s statement is untrue.

“What Stephen Miller said last night isn’t true. It’s amazing to me, that when there is obviously photographic and video evidence for something, why someone would make a claim like that. He wouldn’t leave the studio.  He kept continuing the conversation, which I wouldn’t really call it a conversation. He kept continuing to berate me and berate CNN. We kept on saying,  ‘You need to leave the studio because we’re on a live show and we’re coming back from commercial; you need to leave.’”

Tapper added that he even had questions outside the Michael Wolff book that he was unable to get to during the interview.

“He was just trying to change the subject and that’s where it got frustrating. Then, he started calling me condescending and it just becomes silly and a waste of time. That’s why at the end, I made it clear early, ‘I get it; you’re playing to an audience of one. President Trump will be very happy with the interview.’ I had a bunch of immigration questions that I’m really upset I didn’t get to because he wouldn’t stop filibustering.”