By Ian Bush

LAS VEGAS, NV (CBS) — Getting underway this week in Las Vegas, the big consumer technology show known as CES.

Look for Amazon’s Alexa to be in everything, but connected-assistant competitors, from Apple to Google to smaller Chinese companies, are breathing down her neck.

Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen notes Google will have a booth at CES for the first time in years.

“Google’s aware that the future is moving to a world in which most likely we’re using devices beyond phones, we’re talking to our devices,” he said. “They have the big lead here on the software side and they just want to make sure they’re still involved with everyone’s lives.”

Vegas is also the place where many TV manufacturers show off sinfully large screens.

“What is interesting and exciting about TV technology is a lot of it is really trying to push forward making the screen a lot clearer and sharper,” Bergen said.

CNET senior reporter Ben Fox Rubin says some automakers will use CES to talk up self-driving and other in-car tech that might be closer than we think.