By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the avalanche of sexual harassment allegations being leveled, particularly in Harrisburg, there is a call for policy change governing Pennsylvania state lawmakers.

Recently, sexual harassment allegations by Pennsylvania legislators have led to revelations about payoffs to silence the victims.

Now, four Democratic state representatives are calling for policy change including Representative Brian Sims of Philadelphia.

“We want full disclosure of any settlements to be made that have happened in the past, and we want full disclosure of any settlements going forward.”

Sims and his colleagues say Harrisburg is no safe harbor for inappropriate behavior.

“I think that most women on an average Tuesday deal with a level of objectification, a level of sexualization, that is wholly inappropriate in all places, in all work places, and is certainly inappropriate in my workplace, in our workplace,” he said.

Sims says both parties at both levels of state government have received numerous right to know requests about sexual harassment.

He says it’s time to release this information, and all complaints over the last ten years, to the public.

Requests for comment from the Republican State Committee were not returned.