By Rich Zeoli

3:05 pm-Maggie Haberman, N.Y. Times reporter: Michael Wolff ‘gets basic details wrong’ in new Trump book.

3:25 pm-Michael Wolff: Trump has no credibility.

3:42 pm-ABC’s Stephanopoulos Grills Sean Spicer on ‘Basically True’ White House Gossip Book.

4:03 pm- Jeff Sessions reverses Obama-era policy on marijuana, unleashes prosecutors.

4:22 pm-Internet falls for Trump-‘Gorilla Channel’ parody.

4:35 pm-Rancocas Valley Regional High School Allie Morgan wins high honors at Model UN.

5:05 pm-Eight Times the Liberal Media Screwed Up on Trump-Russia in 2017.

5:35 pm-Scarborough: I once asked Trump if he could read.

5:50 pm-Trump spoke by phone to Mitt Romney, White House official says.