By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, and that’s even true in the bitter cold and snow.

Clearing snow in these weather conditions is no easy task.

Seventy-nine-year-old Nick Montone, who lives near 5th and Oregon, was taking it all in stride, taking it slow and not packing the shovel with heavy snow.

Reporter: “You never consider hiring some kids?”

“No, if they come around, you know, I always feel that I do a better job. After I’m done with this I’ll throw some rock salt, so, I’m from the old school,” Montone said.

But for those who couldn’t shovel for themselves, neighbors were helping neighbors. Among them, Steve Thomashefski.

“It’s a good thing. It feels good to help people out, especially if they can’t help themselves,” he said.

A knight with a shiny shovel was also quick to help two women whose car was plowed in on Oregon avenue.