By Alicia Nieves

MARGATE CITY, N.J. (CBS) — The Jersey Shore is not looking like the sunny summer retreat it’s known to be after the first snowstorm of 2018 hit it.

A bay near Margate City had sections of the water turned into solid blocks of ice with boats frozen in place.

“I think I want to move down to Florida now,” said Scott Morgan.

Morgan, a resident of Margate, is clearly not a fan of the bitter blast of cold weather recently and he is certainly not a fan of all the snow that fell along the shore on Thursday.

“The news I thought was going to over hype it but you guys were actually on point. I was kinda mad that you guys were on point,” said Morgan.

As predicted, the storm slammed many parts of the shore with more than a foot of snow.

Margate City got about 16 inches in less than 24 hours, forcing many to spend most of Friday trying to dig themselves out.

“I have been out here for four hours total so far this morning. I will go until dark and then tomorrow again,” said Dominic Calladonato of Atlantic City.

Calladonato has to shovel 20 homes in for Margate City homeowners who are out of town.

“This is number four of 20,” he said, when Eyewitness News spoke to him around 2 p.m.

Meanwhile, John Lombardi in Ventnor City was digging out his car around that time.

He was in disbelief Friday morning when he came out of his apartment on Ventnor Street and saw about a foot of snow on top of his car and about three feet of it packed around.

“I almost turned around and went back inside but we definitely had to get mobile so we could get out and eat and drink and things like that,” Lombardi said. “We were prepared a little bit but I was not prepared for this intense of a storm. Not at all.”

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