By Anita Oh

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As it feels like temperatures take a dive, those with outdoor jobs are rising to the occasion.

“It’s freezing. My hands are really killing me,” said Rich Lecato, a technician at Stan’s Tires in West Philadelphia.

Lecato and his co-workers layered up for a workday, which at times required bare hands in brutal wind gusts.


“I’ve got on overalls, my coat under this, a thermal,” Lecato said.

Down the street, workers bundled up in scarves and face masks hand-dried the cars that had made their way through this car wash.

But in the bitter cold, one 10-year-old is warming hearts with just a shovel and some salt.

“The weather is so cold, I could freeze to death!” Amin Branch said.

A budding entrepreneur, the fifth-grader decided he’d cash in as neighbors try to dig out by starting Amin’s Snow Shoveling Shop.

“Well, my prices are a little cheap,” he said. “Sidewalks and stairs are $5, the salt is $2.”

But he says he wants to make more than just dollars.

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“Make my mom proud,” he said.

After Amin’s mom, Nadira, posted about the project on social media, the requests came in so furiously that they had to set a cap at 20 customers and mom had to help too.

By Friday, someone in Chicago who heard about the endeavor had offered to donate shoveling equipment.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! How!’” he said.

It’s a lesson that will stay with this elementary school student long after these snow piles have melted.

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“In a simple way, just work hard,” said Amin.

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