By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — SEPTA says it’s taking preventive steps to keep its buses, trains, and trolleys moving through the brutal weather.

Subway cars are being stored in tunnels during overnight hours, train conductors are easing up on throttles to take the pressure off motors, heaters have been placed on track switches, work crews have been out knocking ice off overhead wires and tunnels, and bridge inspectors continue making rounds.

It’s an ongoing battle, says General Manager Jeff Kneuppel.

“We’re not short any vehicles today. But this snow is not always good on some of our older vehicles and so we may lose some of our railroad cars. But we’re hoping to stay ahead of that and hopefully we’ll have some time to regroup over the weekend,” he said.

With the coldest part of the arctic blast looming this weekend, Kneuppel says upper management will be on call Sunday and the Command Center will be up and running overnight to prepare for next Monday morning’s rush hour.