PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The cold, wind and snow is making getting around pretty difficult for commuters and pedestrians in Center City.

Not only was the wind and ice pellets a slap in the face for those walking around downtown, sidewalks and streets were very slippery in spots.

However, Herb was taking it all in stride.

“I just got to watch my step, that’s it. That’s all I do, watch my step and don’t complain,” he said.

Que was running late and so was her bus.

“I rather for it to snow than rain, I like this type of weather. I’m on my way to an interview. I called and told them i will be a little late. They understand because of the snow,” she said.

Trains are going a little slower in this weather, and people waiting for the train are feeling the effects.

SEPTA riders heading to work via Regional Rail experienced some delays Thursday as a result of the inclement weather, but many of the people waiting in the cold and wind, say they are more than prepared for the commute.

“I have on jeans, snow pants, a vest, a hoodie, shirt, and a tank top, plus my outer wear that’s cold resistant,” said a commuter.

Montay Bradley, who is catching the Wilmington Newark Regional Rail to Center City, says on days like today, patience is one of the most important things you can pack, but he says if you can take advantage of a snow day, do it.

“If I didn’t have to go to work, trust me I wouldn’t be going. If you need to be in the house stay in the house,” said Bradley.

A lot of commuters say they made sure to pack some extra snacks and a good read just in case that quick ride on the train turns out to be a little longer than expected.

And those who had to work in the snow, like a bicycle food delivery guy who fell a few times, did the best they could to get the job done.