By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — You may see them and wonder, “What are those?”

Since November 30, 2017 to March 18, sunset to midnight, the Parkway Council presents Winter Fountains, which is a display by artist Jennifer Steinkamp, commissioned by the Association for Public Art, with support from the William Penn Foundation.

“I was wondering if there were people inside that,” said one passerby.

The new artwork serves as the centerpiece of “Parkway 100” the yearlong centennial celebration of Philadelphia’s Grand Cultural Boulevard, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

“We want people to get out of cars or walk straight up and experience them,” Judi Rodgers, director of the parkway, said.

She says these four metaphorical fiber glass fountains stand 13-foot tall and 26-foot wide.

“The intent was to activate the parkway when there aren’t as many people wandering around,” Rodgers said.

And while winter may not be known as the time to wander, the architecture and moving marvels inspired by Ben Franklin’s electrical research are be putting some spring into people’s step to get up close, hang around and check them out.

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