By Ed Benkin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Eagles won’t play their first playoff game until a week from Saturday.  They weren’t about to sit around during their bye week.

The Eagles held their first workout of the post-season Wednesday afternoon in South Philadelphia.  The team is eager to correct its mistakes after struggling at times during the final weeks of the season.  While the Eagles insist they are tuning out any outside noise filled with criticism, the players know they must improve before their first playoff game on January 13th.  Quarterback Nick Foles saw progress on Wednesday as the players raised their intensity.

“Today was a great practice,” said Foles.  “I thought we flew around and we got better today.  We got after it.  We were moving around and moving fast having pads on.  Pads are different.  Moving around in pads is a good thing and I really feel strongly about our work today.”

Foles is one player who has heard his share of criticism over the past two weeks.  After a strong start against the Giants, Foles had his share of struggles against the Raiders and Cowboys.  Foles insists his past experience in the playoffs in 2013 will help him a week from Saturday.  He also knows he has mistakes to correct.

“Today I thought was a lot better than Sunday,” Foles said.  “I think that’s the thing.  You just gradually progress and keep improving.  You have to keep looking at yourself critically.  Obviously, Sunday and the week before is not how I want to play but if anyone has played a sports, you can’t just sit there and say that’s what it is.  I’ve had games like that, and I’ve come back from them.”

Foles is not the only one motivated to improve after a tough stretch to end the season.  Tackle Lane Johnson says getting their recent performances out of their system is adding fuel to the fire as they get back to work.

“I think it’s a good motivator,” said Johnson.  “Just us watching the film collectively, we’re not happy with how things have been.  This week is a big week for us.  Next week obviously is.  We’ll try to get out all the wrinkles now and have a good week of practice this week and next week.”

Who the Eagles play next week remains to be seen.  An Atlanta win over Los Angeles sends the Falcons to the Linc on January 13th.  A win for the Rams means the Eagles get the winner of the game between New Orleans and Carolina.  Malcolm Jenkins was on the Saints when they were a one seed during their Super Bowl season and Jenkins is quite content to play the waiting game.

“I’ve been in this situation,” Jenkins said.  “It doesn’t come around often, so you just enjoy every part of it.  You watch some games this week.  We know the possibilities.  You slowly try to look at them to get a little acclimated, but we’ve got to wait and see until this weekend.”