By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With the holidays in the books, it is back to work and school for many people in our area who have to brave the bitter cold to get to where they have to be.

For many, it’s a day to get their daily routine back on track after some much-needed time off.

“Even though it was temporary, I enjoyed it,” said one resident. “I was home from the 22nd all the way up to today. So, I stayed in the house that whole time because I knew the weather was really, really bad.”

Lionel had his gloves and hat on. The hood of his sweatshirt up to add extra protection. It is freezing but Lionel says he’ll actually take it.

“I’m more of a winter person because you can always dress warm for the winter. Summertime, is the time you can’t dress. No matter how you look the heat is going to be uncomfortable. I actually love this time of year.”

He knows that isn’t the popular opinion right now with the bitter cold slapping everyone in the face.