By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The schedule for a marcher in the Mummers Parade each New Year’s Day in Philadelphia is simple: strut through Center City all day, then take the party over to “Two Street” in South Philadelphia the rest of the night.

“The fun starts when 2nd Street starts, that’s how it rolls,” says John Haigh who marches with the Wench Brigade Saints. “To me, the whole parade is great, but I’d say 2nd Street is definitely where the fun is at.”

“Two Street” is Kevin McBride’s favorite part is well.

“It’s more of a celebration afterwards,” he says. “The parade is over and everybody gets to celebrate, everybody’s done what they’ve done and we just get to have fun now.”

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While this tends to be a favorite of Mummers marchers, some residents who live in the area, like Sue, admit they don’t look forward to the massive amounts of people who take over the area.

“Gets to crowded,” she says. “Insane. You can’t walk. It’s crazy, too many people.”

But Sue says at least she knows it’s coming, and…

“It’s once a year, what are you going to do?”

And you know those frigid temperatures that threatened to postpone the parade?

“Oh it’s freezing, but I powered through it and had a good time,” Haigh says.

“I had just as much fun as I do every year, didn’t matter,” adds McBride.

Just about every Mummer partying on ‘Two Street’ seems to agree that the cold didn’t change a thing.​


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