By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When the weather outside is frightful, an Old City bar is trying to make it more delightful.

A hot toddy menu has been created at Silence Dogood’s Tavern at Second and Market Streets in Old City.

Whipped cream and caramel swirl completes a warm “Caramel Apple Cider” with salted caramel vodka. A “S’more Please” has hot chocolate, whipped vodka, whipped cream chocolate chips, and marshmallows with a graham cracker garnish.

Bar manager Tiffany Bendistis tells us about the “Baby You’re a Firework”.

“Which is a very, very exciting one and people like it a lot. We take still house moonshine whiskey here so we use their red hot which you can compare to a fireball or a red hot candy. And we put that with apple cider and people just rave and people just love it,” said Bendistis.

There are six hot toddys on the menu and they will be available over the winter months.

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