By David Madden

DOVER, DE (CBS) — The state of Delaware is one of four across this country permitted under federal law to offer some form of sports betting. But officials in the First State are getting ready in case the US Supreme Court changes that law and takes some, or all, restrictions off.

New Jersey’s leading the fight to allow for expanded sports wagering, but Delaware is already quietly getting things ready in case the high court sides with the Garden State’s argument.

The Delaware Lottery oversees legal gambling in the state.

“Our infrastructure’s in place. The software, etcetera, is in place and ready to go,” Director Vernon Kirk told KYW Newsradio. “What we’re doing now is we’re planning for some training and working on rules and regulations.”

Hopes are to offer sports bets within four to six weeks after a high court ruling at Delaware’s three casinos. Right now, parlay bets on pro football can be made at over 100 locations across the state.

As for possible regional competition, Kirk added, “We withstood the New Jersey slot machine competition in Atlantic City pretty well, and I think we would do just as well with just Atlantic City in that area. The other states, the Pennsylvanias and West Virginias, etcetera, would be a different story.”

Not to mention adjacent Maryland.

Of course, it all depends on whether the Supreme Court changes the law, and to what degree.