By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has scheduled arguments in the suit against the way the state’s congressional districts are drawn.

The court will hear the case in three weeks.

The court agreed to take the case on an expedited basis since the plaintiffs are asking that a new map be in place in time for the May primary. It scheduled the hearing as soon as Commonwealth Court Judge Kevin Brobson issued his findings in the case.

Judge Brobson found the plaintiffs failed to prove the map was so gerrymandered that it violates voters’ rights, but Ben Geffen of the Public Interest Law Center says he did find it was intentionally drawn to give Republican candidates an advantage.

“Obviously we would’ve been happier if he had ruled in our favor. However, we believe that his factual findings show, as we have long asserted, that the map was drawn with the purpose and effect of benefiting republicans and penalizing democrats,” said Geffen.

The high court hearing will be Jan. 17. The commissioner of the State Bureau of Elections has recommended that any new map be drawn by Feb. 20 to be in force for the primary.