By Alicia Nieves

DARBY, Pa. (CBS) — Darby Borough Police believe someone was the target of a shooting after multiple shots were fired at a home with three people inside on Christmas morning in Delaware County.

This Christmas instead of the sounds of Christmas bells it was the sound of more than a dozen bullets as one by one they blasted through a home along North 9th Street in Darby Borough.

“This is something that happens on the darkness of night not in day break.”

Police say their was an older male and two elderly females inside of the home at the time of the shooting and that it’s a miracle no one was physically hurt.

“They are extremely upset,” said Chief Robert Smythe of the Darby Borough police. “They are there on Christmas Day planning to have a Christmas meal and what do they have, they have glass and bullets all throughout their house because somebody planned it. Somebody wanted to send a message on Christmas Day.”

Police believe this Christmas morning shooting was in retaliation of another one along North 6th Street last Friday night.

That shooting ended with one man dead, and authorities believe Rahsaan Overton, of Darby borough, is a person of interest.

Investigators say the North 9th Street home shot up on Christmas morning belongs to Overton’s elderly relatives.

“This is the message they are sending, we want you to know, the family of Overton to know that we want him and if we kill one of you then that’s okay because he killed one of us,” said.

As for what sparked this shooting war back and forth police believe it’s all connected to illegal drug activity, and Smythe says he is fed up.

“There’s one thing that needs to happen here,” Smythe said. “The drug dealers that are selling the guns and they think they are real badasses in this town well that’s stopping right now. We absolutely coming after you. You are not going to pull that non sense in Darby borough.”

Smythe is asked for Overton to come in and talk with police. He says Overton is safer with police than with the individuals on the street looking for him.

Anyone with information regarding Rahsaan Overton’s whereabouts or information about shooting is asked to contact Darby Borough police.