By Alicia Nieves

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Four nuns recovering from a serious car crash say they are actually the recipients of two Christmas miracles this holiday season.

The first was surviving a serious car crash and the second was receiving help from former students for a holiday tradition near to their hearts.

Just two weeks ago, four nuns from St. Katherine of Siena in Philadelphia were in a head-on car crash in Delaware County.

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On Sunday, one of the four nuns, Sister Mary Anthony, was released from the hospital.

“It’s a lot of broken bones, stitches,” she said. “I am probably one of the best out of the four.”

She says they are blessed to have made it out of the crash that left their car totaled, and the sisters in critical condition for days.

“It was really a Christmas miracle that all of us are here,” she said. “We just feel blessed to still be here.”

Then the sisters say they’ve were blessed with a second Christmas miracle.

Every year the sisters from St. Katherine of Siena coordinate a toy drive along with Nazareth Academy High School that ends with the nuns delivering presents to less fortunate families in Philadelphia.

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Sister Mary Anthony explained that because the nuns still recovering from the crash, the toy drive almost didn’t happen this year.

That is until some former Nazareth Academy students stepped up to make sure this would not be “the year without Operation Santa Claus!”

“They called me up and sent me text and said ‘what is going to happen with Operation Santa Claus?’ I said it’s still going to happen I am not sure how,” she said. “They said ‘we will make it happen.’ ”

Sunday those same former students made sure all the presents were delivered and Operation Santa Claus was a success.

“It’s so good to meet all of you, you’ve been so good this year,” Santa said.

“All things are possible with god,” Sister Mary Anthony added. “Whether it is operation Santa Claus or surviving a car accident.”