CBS Local — While social media gives us a fair amount of grief, it also gives us important news and updates from around the country at the flick of a finger.

This past year was no exception, and our social newsfeeds combined with your digital voices once again gave stories life and helped shape the news in 2017. Here are some of our stories that you liked the best and shared the most from the last year.

Chicago Residents Unwind During Lunch Hour Dance Party In Plaza – CBS Chicago
Work is stressful and it’s important to take some time to step away from the office and unwind from the rigors of the daily grind. That’s exactly what hundreds of Chicago workers did when they hit Daley Plaza for a mid-afternoon dance break.

Cars Dodge A Giant Spool Of Wire That Fell Of  A Truck – CBS Pittsburgh
One of this year’s ‘wow’ moments came when thousands watched as a giant spool of wire that fell off a truck rolled into oncoming traffic towards drivers desperately steering out of its path.

Thankfully, the spool hit the median and came to a halt before injuring anyone.

Authorities Search For Woman Who Climbed Through Drive-Thru Window, Stole Cash, Food – CBS Philly
A woman who took ‘self-serve’ to another level made headlines when she served herself a coke at the McDonald’s drive-thru before climbing through the drive-thru window and stealing food and cash from the fast food restaurant.

The woman eventually turned herself in to authorities and her husband said she “barely remembered” the incident.

CBS New York – Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Faces Federal Charges In Brooklyn, NY – CBS New York
Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman captivated millions with his all-too-frequent escapes from Mexican prisons for years, but the third and final time was the final one for “El Chapo.”

Guzman was extradited to the United States to be charged for running the famed Sinaloa Cartel. He now faces life in prison if convicted.

Amputee Runs Boston Marathon With American Flag To Inspire Others – CBS Boston
Inspiring stories and the Boston Marathon go hand-in-hand, but this year’s was truly incredible. Jose Sanchez, who lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan in 2011, made his marathon debut and certainly didn’t disappoint as he triumphantly ran down the streets of Boston with an American flag in tow.

California Gov. Jerry Brown Gives Fiery Speech Aimed At Trump Admin – CBS Sacramento
While President Trump’s policies have galvanized many, count Gov. Jerry Brown of California among those that aren’t buying what the president is selling.

Brown lambasted the notion that Trump could roll back California state policies in favor of national ones in a fiery speech that revved up his base and took the video viral.

Tensions Rise As Protesters Argue Against Bill That Makes Protestors Liable For Cost Of Protests – CBS Minnesota
It may seem too ironic to be true — protesters protesting for their right to freely protest — but that’s exactly what happened in Minnesota as angry constituents bore down on their elected officials as they discussed a bill that would make protesters liable for costs of policing demonstrations.


WATCH: April The Giraffe Is Due To Give Birth At Any Moment – CBS Denver
A nation nervously watched as April the giraffe of Animal Adventure Park got bigger and bigger and closer to her due date. When April finally gave birth to her calf, Tajiri, the duo instantly became the most famous mother-daughter giraffe combo in the animal kingdom thanks to ravenous Facebook fans that followed the whole ordeal live for weeks at a time.

Hollywood Sign Restored After Being Altered To Read “Hollyweed” – CBS Los Angeles

Pranksters made their mark on 2017 early when they changed the famed “Hollywood” sign to read “Hollyweed” under the cover of darkness. Zachary Cole Fernandez, a 30-year-old artist, turned himself in to police shortly after and said he considered it more of a “art installation” than a criminal act.

Authorities didn’t see things his way and he was charged with trespassing.

Tiger Shark Swims Scarily Close To Miami Beach Shore – CBS Miami
In a scene that looks like a deleted scene from Jaws, a large Tiger Shark came perilously close to oblivious swimmers at Miami Beach.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Heartbreaking Video Shows Frightened Dog Abandoned In Hurricane Harvey – Dallas/Fort Worth

Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas with all its might and forced residents to flee or risk serious injury or death. Unfortunately, one resident left without their dog, who was found atop a car trying to escape the flood waters.

While rescuers were unable to corral the pup the first time around, the story ended happily as the dog was rescued and reported to be back with its owner.

Several Reported Dead In Shooting At UPS Facility – CBS San Francisco
Mass shootings were all too frequent in 2017. On June 14, Jimmy Lam, 38, fatally shot three former co-workers at a UPS facility in San Francisco and then killed himself after police arrived on the scene.

Should The Baltimore Ravens Sign Colin Kaepernick? – CBS Baltimore

Colin Kaepernick was one of the most polarizing figures of 2017, with celebrities, players and fans alike divided on whether Kaepernick is doing the right thing and should get another shot in the NFL or not.

When quarterback trouble abounded, the Ravens reportedly thought about turning to Kaepernick, which begged the question of Ravens fans, should the team sign him?