Ryan Mayer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Darren McFadden retired from the NFL in November after a 10-year career in the league.

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As the former number four overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the 30-year-old had banked a solid chunk of change during the course of his career, taking in a little over $49.3 million according to Spotrac. That’s enough money for a comfortable living right? Well, according to a story from ESPN and the New York Post, his fortune could have been a lot bigger.

McFadden filed a $15 million lawsuit against his former business manager, Michael Vick of Mabelvale, Arkansas in June of last year, alleging that Vick had “misappropriated and mishandled money throughout his NFL career.”

According to ESPN, that included a $3 million investment in Bitcoin. Here’s where things get interesting. The Post did the math on the transaction and found the following:

“At the time of the filing, one bitcoin would cost an investor nearly $800, equating to almost $20,000 in present day. The $3 million investment would have been totaled to $237 million.”

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Of course, that’s assuming that had everything been handled properly, McFadden and his business manager would have held on to the Bitcoin they bought through the various crashes and re-births over the years of the cryptocurrency’s value. But, it has to be tough for McFadden to watch the wild growth of Bitcoin now without at least a grimace on his face.

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