PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A London café is offering “selfiecinnos” – a cappuccino topped with a picture of yourself.

People can send a picture via a messaging app, which is uploaded to a machine at Tea Terrace.

The picture is scanned and then etched onto the froth using flavorless food coloring.

Ehab Shouly, the owner of Tea Terrace, was nice enough to make a “selfiecinno” featuring our own Ukee Washington.

Take a look at the “Ukeecinno”!

ukeecinno London Café Creates Ukeecinno

Tea Terrace creates the Ukeecinno. (credit: CBS3)

They also made one from a picture of Ukee, Jessica Dean and Kate Bilo.

cbs3 selfiecinno London Café Creates Ukeecinno

Selfiecinno of Ukee Washington, Jessica Dean and Kate Bilo. (credit: CBS3)

This takes selfies to a whole new level.

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