3:00 pm- The GOP passed the Tax Reform Bill in the House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon and now the bill will go on to the Senate for a vote.

3:20 pm- On Tuesday, during a Senate committee hearing to vote on President Trump’s pick former Rep. Scott Garret to lead the Export-Import Bank, two republicans voted alongside democrats on the committee against Garret.

4:00 pm- CNN’s Brian Stelter claims “Conservative Media Is Fueling The Divide” in America with attacks on Mueller probe. 

4:20 pm- On MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber”, analyst Malcolm Nance stated that Fox News does not have the right to “Sedition” or to undermine the Constitution after Fox News calls the Mueller probe a “coup”. 

4:36 pm- How parts of the new Tax Bill will positively affect Americans from Obamacare penalties being excused, child tax credit, the individual rates, and corporate tax rates. 

5:00 pm- UPDATE: The House needs to re-vote on the Tax Reform Bill because of potential procedural violations.

5:07 pm- Minority Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi during House floor debate declared the proposed Tax Reform Bill as “Worst Bill in the History of Congress”.

5:25 pm- After “net neutrality” was repelled by the FCC, some states are looking to reinstate them on a state level.