By Anita Oh

RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA (CBS) — While getting a traffic ticket is hardly enjoyable, the process of issuing one in Radnor Township is getting streamlined.

Gone are the days Radnor Township Police officers have to issue handwritten paper citations, which left room for error and took time to process.

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With the help of new handheld ticket devices, officers say they no longer have to get in and out of their car multiple times in high-traffic areas; plus, drivers can spend less time at a traffic stop.

Radnor Township officials say the police department is the first in the state to use these devices, which cost an estimated $3,000 each.

“By scanning this in two seconds, all of that information is populated in literally five seconds,” said Deputy Superintendent Chris Flanagan. “It reduces the time officers are on scene, frees up the public quicker, also gives a very professional document.”

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Flanagan says the department started planning for the handheld devices two years ago, which instantly scan the barcode on a driver’s license and car registration.

The Pennsylvania-based company behind the device, United Public Safety, also hopes to add another feature shortly.

“This will hopefully soon let us know once we enter the driver’s information whether any warrants exist,” Flanagan said.

Right now, checking for warrants is not an instant process – nor is it done at every traffic stop, he says.

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“This will allow technology to all come into one point and give us maximum safety and efficiency.”