By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In this week’s Taste With Tori, Vittoria Woodill takes you to one of the restaurants inside a hotel that’s known for serving the stars.

Settled by the steels stacks and under the star is the merry and bright Hotel Bethlehem.

When you walk into the hotel you’ll enter into the lobby in awe of all of the dazzling decorations. And off to the right, you’ll see one of the hotel’s restaurants: the Tap Room.

Many distinguished guests have eaten and stay here, like Shirley Temple, the Fonz and even the Dalai Lama–who we’re told was the furthest from a “Dalai diva.”

While you’ll want to try everything the Tap Room has to offer, check out their twist on American classics, like their mussels with bacon and balsamic, branzino with spaghetti squash and the meatloaf.

Learn more about The Tap Room HERE.

Vittoria Woodill