By Ed Benkin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In early September, Nate Sudfeld was looking for a job in the NFL. Today, he is one injury away from taking over at quarterback for a Super Bowl contender.

With Nick Foles now starting for the injured Carson Wentz at quarterback for the Eagles, the relatively unknown Sudfeld moves up to the backup spot. Eagles fans know all about Foles, who was the starter for the Eagles for two seasons.

So who is Nate Sudfeld? The second-year quarterback can understand why some fans would ask that question.

“How would they know much about me?” said Sudfeld. “I’ve only been here for 14 weeks but outside of the facility, I feel like everyone on the team knows me, for the most part, in the locker room. That’s really what’s important.”

The NFC East is already familiar with Sudfeld. He was drafted in the sixth round in 2016 by Washington after playing his college football at Indiana. Sudfeld was never active for a game with the Redskins and was cut by Washington on September 2nd. On September 3rd, Sudfeld signed with the Eagles and has also spent much of this season watching in street clothes. However, Sudfeld is now one injury away from taking over at quarterback if Foles goes down during a game.

Sudfeld says his goal is support Foles while preparing for an injury he is hoping will never happen.

“I really try not to think about things like that,” Sudfeld said. “It can be overwhelming just to think about everything going on. There’s sadness, too, for everything that happened to Carson. I just worry about this next rep or this next meeting I have to go to and everything is just fine. I take it one thing at a time.”

One would expect an increased practice workload for Sudfeld as he moves up to the number two spot on the depth chart. However, Sudfeld insists little has changed in practice and the work ethic in the quarterback room remains the same.

“We were all preparing really hard throughout the whole year,” said Sudfeld. “We’re meeting together at six in the morning every day watching the film together. I’ve just been getting more reps with the scout team, which has been great.”

Sudfeld won’t be working with the scout team if Foles gets injured. Foles was in a similar situation when Wentz was lost for the season. If Foles is the next quarterback to go down, Sudfeld insists he will be up to the task.

“It’s my responsibility to be ready,” Sudfeld said. “I’m very confident I will be ready. I welcome the challenge. I feel I would do my best and do well and keep doing what this team needs.”