By Cleve Bryan

TUCKERTON, N.J. (CBS) — A 54-acre property along Route 9 in Tuckerton that some call “New Jersey’s Neverland Ranch” is up for auction on Friday.

Eyewitness News got a tour of the home and grounds which are adjourned with an eclectic collection of large outdoor artwork.

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Elephants, dinosaurs, airplanes and much more have been on display along the gated estate owned by Byung Taek Kim.

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Credit: CBS3

The house was previously listed at more than $3 million but the suggested opening bid for the auction Friday is $450,000.

Auctioneer Richard Maltz believes whomever buys the property will be getting a lot for their money.

There are stocked fishing ponds, horse pastures, a one-million gallon pool with 3 story waterfall tower and about 10,000 square feet of living space in the 1970-built mansion.

“Really a one of a kind place. It’s 54 acres and easily accessible location and millions upon millions of dollars was invested in it,” says Maltz.

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Credit: CBS3

Kim, who Maltz says is chairman of the Taekwondo Association of Greater New York, is keeping the artwork which includes pieces he bought or had his groundskeepers build.

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“He made it for himself and for the people to enjoy it,” says groundskeeper Adelie Gomez.

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