By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Eagles released their weekly inside-the-locker-room video of head coach Doug Pederson and team leader Malcolm Jenkins addressing the team.

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This week the Eagles got a huge road win over the Rams to improve to 11-2 and clinch the NFC East, but a steep price — Carson Wentz tore his ACL, ending his MVP caliber season.

Jenkins’ speech was extra emotional in the locker room after the game.

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“Carson being out of this [expletive] bro, that [expletive] sucks,” Jenkins told the team. “But dig this, we [expletive] set this up for whoever the [expletive] in this room that’s who we ride with man. We said, we all we got, we all we need. Believe that [expletive]. Feels great man, celebrate that [expletive] man, know where we at. But at the end of the day man, we got bigger goals. So we get back to work man, you know what’s in our minds bro– championships and that’s it. Nothing short of that, no excuses, don’t [expletive] blink. This [expletive] right here, this kind of win, on the road? That’s big. This [expletive] not going your way the whole time and it don’t matter. It don’t gotta be pretty, we just need a W. That’s the mentality from here on out, man. Let’s go. I’m proud of ya’ll boys. Family on three, 1-2-3, family!”

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The Eagles have three games left, needing two wins to the lock up the No. 1 overall seed in the NFC. They’ll turn to Nick Foles now, as they get ready for their postseason run.