By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For some of us, the holiday shopping list is long, which is why the National Retail Federation forecasts Americans will spend as much as $682 billion dollars this holiday season.

But, did you know $9.5 billion gets wasted on unwanted gifts every year, according to a study from

“I can see that being the case because I’ve gotten plenty of gifts I either return or don’t use,” admitted Laura McAndrews of Philadelphia.

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“People don’t know each other that well or they’re just not listening,” added fellow Philly resident Mike Pangrazi.

It’s one of a few reasons included in a USA Today column, entitled “Why you shouldn’t give gifts to adults.”

But, are we ready to buy in to such a concept?

“It can go either way,” said Tina Fryar of Maryland.

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“Maybe we should be focusing on spending time with loved ones rather than gifts we give,” said McAndrews.

“Experiences last a lifetime, gifts are so fleeting,” said Janae Robinson, the director of public relations at Visit Philadelphia.

She says the whole city is at your disposal if you’re looking for an experimental gift this year.

“There’s tons to do in arts and culture. You can explore the museums, get a museum membership, the restaurants, tours.”

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